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"Run in such a way as to get the prize."

Frequently Asked Questions

"Information is King!"  We have heard that phrase many times since the information revolution began but we sometimes miss and important part of that statement.  The quality of the information and what you do with it are even more important.  Here is some basic information and answers to common questions; the quality is high but what will you do with it.  

Q:    Why should we use Suron Solutions instead of other companies?

A:    Suron Solutions can help you and your organization to be more productive and profitable, Period!  Suron does not intend to study your organization to death just to collect revenue from your organization.  Suron intends to help you resolve your business issues, Now!  Not tomorrow!

Q:    Are Suron Solution materials and products “canned”?

A:    Suron does have generic materials that can be provided for your project but that is not the desire of Suron.  Generic materials hardly ever cover the specific requirements of your operations.  Materials that are specifically designed for you operations are the best way to secure the best results.  Suron audits your operations and determines the specifics that need to be detailed and addresses.  In short, Suron does not “can” our resources!

Q:    Can Suron respond quickly to emergency needs?

A:    Suron has a web of highly qualified partners that can be called upon on short notice to complete any program or project.  You as a partner are guaranteed high quality and rapid response. 

Q:    What is the foundation of Suron’s vision?

A:    The vision of Suron is based on the foundation that change is a business necessity and that improving operational processes and programs are the central issue in today’s business environment.  The old adage is still true today’ “Foolishness is doing the same thing, the same way, every day, and expecting to see change!”  Change is the foundation of leadership and competition.  So before you need to react to the market or competition, Suron focuses on having the market and competition react to you.