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Experience and knowledge are the foundation of change and transformation.  Suron has experience in development and change processes.

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Change is Not a Four Letter Word!

Change is one of the most difficult processes to begin and maintain within an organization. The reason for the difficulty is the natural reluctance of people to change their current environment and ritual. We tend to want to keep things as they are, without any changes or disturbances to our daily routine. The same is known and comfortable; we know it and want to keep it. Different is unknown, harsh and could cause problems.

These preconceptions to change are the driving force behind many studies on how to get people involved with change. Let me make this one point very clear, change starts from.......

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Leadership: The Dusty Dozen

Leadership books have been coming off the shelves for many years. Every year there is a new way to lead and new lessons to learn. But when we look at the foundations of leadership, the ability to get more from your organization than pieces are capable as individuals, there are some basic constants that come through all the “theories” on leading.

This foundation is what I like to call the “Dusty Dozen”. The not so fancy, not so different, not so new, not so flashy basics to leadership that still permeate leadership theories and opportunities in today’s business and ministry environments.  Let's see the “Dusty Dozen” and .......

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Strategy: Planning for the Future

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Science Non-fiction: Toys in the Attic

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