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Change: Not a Four Letter Word, for sure!

Change is one of the most difficult processes to begin and maintain within an organization.  The reason for the difficulty is the natural reluctance of people to change their current environment and ritual.  We tend to want to keep things as they are, without any changes or disturbances to our daily routine.  The same is known and comfortable; we know it and want to keep it.  Different is unknown, harsh and could cause problems.

 These preconceptions to change are the driving force behind many studies on how to get people involved with change.  Let me make this one point very clear, change starts from the top and rolls downhill.  Now let me clarify, if your organization is starting to change how things are done, most of that change will develop at the lowest levels of the organization and rise to the top.  However, if the top will not allow the cream to rise, change will be stifled and the process will be dead before it can gain momentum.  The attitude that fosters change must start at the top with the support of the uppermost levels of your organization.

Let’s take a brief look at what change is all about by examining the following an acronym, C.H.A.N.G.E.

C -  Cast vision for the direction of change.  Be creative.

A vehicle, whether a car or an organization, must be driven in the proper direction.  When you change but head in a direction that is not consistent with the vision of your organization, you are changing for the sake of change and that leads to the demise of your program.                               

H -  Hang onto the past and you will miss the future.  Be hopeful.

Change calls for you to leave the way you did it before behind.  The organization must be willing to leave the comfort of the past and look to the challenge of the future.  Be hopeful that the change you institute today will drive your organization tomorrow!

A -  Advantage.  Change will lead you to take advantage when you can.

An organization that embraces the philosophy of change will be well prepared to engage any possible advantage when it comes.  Should your organization become comfortable with change, you will be prepared to take quick advantage of market changes and technology advances usually ahead of your competition.

N -  Negotiate the obstacles, minimize the discomfort. (Painful)

Change can be very painful, not just in application but also in effect.  What does that mean?  The process of change itself, as we have said before, can be painful for individuals.  The comfort level needs to be left behind.  Change can also cause people to move from position to position, can create barriers between departments that may not be accepting at the same speed…  Keep the faith and maintain the course of change!  The benefits are greater than the growing pains.

G -  Group Oriented

Change is a group thing!!  Individuals can be catalysts for change but change must a group process.  Change must spread throughout the organization and must be promoted from above.  Change will die quickly if it is not embraced in upper levels of the organization or if it is not allowed to spread in every direction.  Unity is of great importance to successful change.

E - Excellence.

Doing the same thing, the same way, over and over does not create excellence.  Organizations improve through change and a lot of that improvement actually will come from failures.  Growth will occur within the organization as change is modeled in all processes and every corner.

 These is more but you must……………

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Change is a constant part of life!
People change from the moment of birth to the end of life!
Change is a natural part of our daily experiences!