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Leadership: The Dusty Dozen

Leadership books have been coming off the shelves for many years.  Every year there is a new way to lead and new lessons to learn.  But when I look at the foundations of leadership, the ability to get more from your organization than pieces are capable as individuals, there are some basic constants that come through all the “theories” on leadership.  This foundation is what I like to call the “Dusty Dozen”.  The not so fancy, not so different, not so new, not so flashy basics to leadership that still permeate leadership theories and opportunities in today’s business and ministry environments.

The following is a brief summary of the “Dusty Dozen” and their basic description.

“The Dusty Dozen”

  1. A “one person” team needs no leader!  (There is no “I” in the word leader.)

Realizing teams are the means of using the best of each individual for the goal of the group.  The more the merrier.

  1. Failure can energize not demoralize!

Failures are learning experiences in the classroom of life.  If we don’t fail we will never learn to our full potential.  The leader is the person that determines whether the failure energizes the troops.

  1. Change is not a four-letter word!

Change is the engine that lifts the boat for all.  Old saying say: Doing the same thing the same way and expecting better and different results is not the path of leadership.

  1. Leaders are not born, they develop!

There is no born perfect leader, leadership can be learned and experienced.  All of us are capable of leading; we are just leading at different levels.

  1. Fears burn but do not consume!

Fear can cause an organization to freeze in its’ tracks.  Fear should drive the leader to higher levels of excellence.  Fear should not drive us to avoid failure at all cost.

  1. Dare to care, leaders do!

Leaders care for those they lead.  Concern for their welfare will drive them to excel for you and the teams efforts.  Be patient, care for them, share the honor and they will follow you almost anywhere.

  1. Patience is a virtue, really!

Those that rush in where few have gone are usually caught in the avalanche.  Leaders must be patient with the development of those they lead and with decision making.

  1. Lead yourself out of your leadership position?

The true leaders will lead themselves out of a leadership position.  Your job is to train up those that will eventually take your place of leadership.  If you don’t do it, who will?

  1. Work as if it is all you, praise as if it is all others?

You must set the example for those you work with and you must be free to praise the excellence that is accomplished.

  1. If you muddy the waters, you can’t see the bottom of the pool. (Focused Leadership)

Leaders are focused on the strategic goals.  Everything must fit into the vision of the organization.  Do not complicate, simplify!  Do not take the long journey down rabbit trails!

  1. Never give up, never surrender!

When all is lost, or so it seems, leaders must still “Captain” the ship.  Those you lead will take their cues from you when things are tough.  If you falter at these times, so will they!

  1. There is no “we” in the word leader!

Just as we started with there being no “I” in the word leader, there also is no “we”.  A leader must be able to pull the trigger on the hard decision at the right time for the right reasons.  The “buck” does stop with you!

Leadership challenge Are you a "Dusty Dozen" kind of person?

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Beautiful colors come from changes in season?
Butterflies come from the "death" of a caterpillar?
Change is a constant!  But so is the foundation!